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Privacy Statement

Welcome to the Privacy Statement of the Project "Complutational Thinking Education for Diversity and Inclusion", hereafter called CoTEDI. This is where we describe how we handle your "Personal Data" related to our web-site and project.


The CoTEDI Privacy Statement is restricted to the domain This is typically the first bit that shows in the address bar of your web-browser.

CoTEDI uses several other services outside of the domain. In such cases your browser's address bar will not start with or This privacy statement does not apply to those domains. Those web-sites come with their own separate privacy statements, which are independent from this privacy statement.

Use of Cookies

We try hard to avoid the use of cookies and similar mechanisms. As long there are no cookies used, you do not require to accept or reject the use of cookies on this web-site.

Some pages on our web-site may embed resources from other web-sites from outside of the domain. Such external resources may use cookies or similar technologies. As this is beyond our control, we block such resources until you explicitly consent to accessing the external resource.


All data traffic between you and the CoTEDI web-site is encrypted.

Access Tracking

This site uses access tracking using a separate online service. Access tracking is a way to collect information about how a web-site is used. If you access the content of our web-site, this will generate some data because your computer loaded some data from our web-site. This data includes:

You may opt-out of access-tracking by using your web-browser's Do Not Track feature. If you have activated this feature, CoTEDI will not collect any personal data about you at all.

Privacy and Events

If you participate in CoTEDI events you may appear in media material, such as photos, video recordings and alike. This applies online and physical events alike. By registering to our Events you will have to consent by agreeing to our media policy.

We also keep records of event participation for reporting purposes. The registration records are not made public, but are provided to our funding bodies and their partners for evaluating the success of the project.

Studies and School Projects

CoTEDI studies and school projects and studies do not count as CoTEDI events. Before you or your child can participate in a CoTEDI study or CoTEDI school project you need to sign a informed consent form. Afterwards the participation is recorded but not made public or linked to empirical data. After the study has completed we will remove any personal data from the collected data. Therefore, we will be unable to identiy any data related to you or your child once the study or project has completed. Therefore, any data related to you or your child that has been collected during a study or project cannot be removed from our data after the study or project has been completed.

We may create photos and video recordings during studies and school projects. These photos are only for internal reporting purposes. You may consent that we can use these photos and videos for public presentations, trainings and online material. For this purpose we will ask you to fill and sign our media consent form before the start of a study or project. If you do not sign our media consent then you or your child can still participate in the study or school project, but we will not use any photos or videos that allows to identify you or your child.

Any artifacts, such as pictures, sculptures or robots, that you or your child created during a study or school project will be documented and can be used in public presentations. In this case we carefully remove any connection between the artifact and you or your child.

What we use your data for?

The "Personal Data" is used by the CoTEDI Project for reporting purposes, only. As this project is funded by Erasmus+ and Movetia, we need to account for our "dissemination activities", which includes this web-site. I.e, we have to report how our web-site was used. These reports include the number of visitors from different countries per month. These reports do not include anything that can be linked to your visits to this web-site.

What we will not use your data for?

GitHub and GitHub Pages

This web-site relies on and is hosted on GitHub Pages. Therefore and for technical reasons outside of our control, the content of this web-site might be hosted partly or fully on servers outside of the European Union or Switzerland. By accessing any content of this web-site some information about the requested content is collected by GitHub's servers. GitHub uses this information for maintaining the technical availability of this web-site.

For the underlying technical services for this web-site the GitHub General Privacy Policy apply additionally to this privacy statement.


If you have questions or concerns about your privacy on our web-site, feel free to contact us.

Changes to this privacy statement

The CoTEDI Project reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Updated versions of this privacy statement will be posted on this page.