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logo CoTEDI Computational Thinking Education for Diversity and Inclusion
Project News

CoTEDI aims to identify, develop and implement a new common methodology for the application of computational thinking (CT) in a variety of educational settings with a focus on teacher professionalisation and student empowerment. Special attention will be paid to inclusion criteria, special educational needs and diversity issues, viewing differences in (special) educational needs, capacities and (im)possibilities as a focused opportunity and a rich starting point.

To create different activities, guides, apps and materials for CT learning and assessment in the form of prototypes. Activities will be both plugged-in, unplugged and technology enhanced activities considering the diversity of each country, the needs of students and also related to inclusion and diversity criteria. Examples of such activities may include (video)games, educational robotics, programming environments, simulations, concrete materials, smart games, hackatons, etc.